The word Rapé is pronounced Ha-PAY. The spelling is unfortunately similar to a very different English word, but don't let that fool you. This is beautiful and effective stuff!

What is Rapé?

Rapé is a snuff made from a variety of ingredients. There are many, many recipes for different kinds of Rapé, each of which gives a different experience when taken. It may contain tree ash, tobacco, and by-products from many different plants and other substances.

The word used to describe the offering of Rapé is "pass". One person can pass Rapé to another using a Tepi, which is a form of double-ended pipe. You can also administer Rapé to yourself using a self-applicator called a Kuripe.

There are many reasons to take Rapé. In the context of Kambo, it can be used to help move stuck energy. This can help lead to a purge if one is needed but not happening. It can also help clear the mind and body of blockages that are impeding the release of old patterns, stuck energies, or anything else that we would like to move.

If you are interested in receiving Rapé before or after your Kambo treatment, talk with us beforehand. During a Kambo session, we may suggest it as a way to help move energy. You are always welcome to decline this idea and we will never pressure you to take it.