What is Sananga?

Sananga is an extract of the mascerated root bark of the Tabernaemontana Undulata or Tabernaemontana Sanana, shrubs that grows in the rainforest of the Amazon. The root bark of the plant is ground to a fine powder, soaked in water, and then strained and resulting liquid is a powerful substance. It is used for a variety of reasons.

Traditionally, Sananga is used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon for:

  • Hunting - improved eyesight leads to more effective hunting.
  • Clear Panema - Panema is dark energy that affects relationships, luck, health of the mind and body, and every energetic and spiritual level of your life.
  • Depression and other psychic conditions

In our culture, Sananga can be used to treat some of those same conditions or situations and it can also help with:

  • General feeling of well-being
  • Mental clarity
  • Cleaning the eyes of protein deposits
  • Any eye-related issues can respond well to Sananga
  • Chronic pain can be alleviated by regular treatments with Sanagna

Sananga is applied to the eyes. The practitioner will place one drop in each eye of the recipient, who either lies or sits down to receive it. Initially there is some pain the eyes adjust to the presence of the Sananga. The eyes will tear and eventually the sensations will reduce until they are gone.

We can use Sananga in conjunction with Kambo. Sananga can be applied before the Kambo treatment to loosen any psychic holds and to ground your mind, body, and heart. It can also be used after Kambo to help bring you back into full connection with your body if needed.