Our Services

Basic Treatment

The first time you take Kambo, you will receive a basic treatment. This will happen either one on one or with a small group. If you're wondering what a basic treatment looks like, you can find a description here

Under certain circumstances, it may make more sense to receive a layered treatment. This might be helpful if you have a lot of fear or anxiety about taking Kambo, if you are of advanced years, or if you have certain medical conditions. In a layered treatment, the Kambo is applied more slowly to help moderate the effects.

Meridian Treament

A meridian treatment involves applying kambo to gates that have been burned on meridian points. Meridian points are used in Chinese medicine, which typically uses needles (acupuncture) or pressure (acupressure) to stimulate your body's energy system. Different points relate to different organs in your body and emotional systems. By applying Kambo to these points, we can focus the treatment on specific systems or issues.
* Kambo will never be applied to the face or head (except for ear treatments - see below), the hands or feet, or the bathing suit area.

Chakra Treatments

Ayurvedic medicine is a school of healing from India. Two main lines of energy spiral up the spine and where they cross they create a chakra or energy center. Each of these energy centers is associated with physical, emotional, and spiritual systems in your being. By treating these energy centers with Kambo, we can address different issues and challenges.

Ear Treatments

Auricular therapy was developed in France by a neuologist named Paul Nogier. It maps various physical, emotional, and spiritual systems in the body to pressure points in the ears. In traditional auricular therapy, pressure is applied to these points to treat various conditions. By applying Kambo to these points we can focus the power of the treatment on the same systems.