Kambo Tradition

Kambo Traditions

Kambo has been used by the indigenous peoples of South America for thousands of years. It has been used for:

  • Hunting - Kambo is said to increase the hunter's connection to the natural world and to make them invisible to animals.
  • Health - Kambo is used to treat Malaria, fevers, snake bites, and other afflictions (please note that there is no scientific evidence that Kambo is an effective treatment for these conditions).
  • Clearing - Kambo can clear away dark energy (or Panema), allowing for a happier, more fortunate life.

Each rainforest tribe has a different relationship with and way of using Kambo and there are many different ways of using it even within each tribe. Because of this there is no one right way to serve Kambo or receive it.

Amazon Tribes

There are many tribes that use Kambo for healing and improving their lives:

  • Kaxiniwá or Huni Kuin
  • Amahuaca
  • Katukina
  • Kulina
  • Yawanawá
  • Matses
  • Marubo
  • Nukini
  • Mayoruna

Some of these tribes have made uninterrupted use of Kambo for hundreds or even thousands of years. Others have lost the tradition and then found it again through the work of Caboclos and other non-native peoples who work with Kambo.