About Ben

Ben Tobias

I am a Certified Kambo Practitioner, which means I have completed the IAKP's training program. You can learn more about the program at iakp.org. I have also studied with teachers from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. I have a passion for the medicines of the rainforest. The energy of the jungle is manifested very strongly in these medicines and can be transmitted into our beings very directly through their responsible and studied use.

I have also spent many years as software developer in Seattle, where I have lived my whole life. I know first hand the types of challenges we face in our culture and how the natural medicines of the forest can address them. From addiction to childhood trauma to work-related stress to relationship challenges, I have seen many people helped by the use of treatments like Kambo, Sananga, Rapé, and others. If you are interested in what these treatments might do for you, please contact me for a consultation or just to learn more.

I wish you health, happiness, and open paths.