Session Pricing

Pricing Structure

Accessible: Negotiable*
Default: $125/session
Generous: $150-$250/session

Your appointment will be automatically assumed to be at the Default price unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in paying at the Accessible or Generous rates please include that in your message when initiating contact. Please pay the rate that you feel best suits your capacity.

* Accessible Rate
I am dedicated to making Kambo accessible to everyone. If the default rate is beyond your capability to pay, you may request to pay whatever you can. The cost for Accessible Rate sessions is completely dependent on what you can afford.

Generous Rate
The generous rate helps offset the cost of offering the Accessible rate to those who need it. By paying more you are helping make Kambo available to those who otherwise would not have access. Please let me know if you feel called to give extra in this way.